Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Chilling out, maxing, relaxing..."

So the blog topic for this Week is places to be.
Kinda confused about this topic. Do I write about places that I want to visit? Or places that I've been to before?
After about 5 minutes aching my noodles trying to firgure it out, I finally came to a conclusion.
I shall write about places that I most frequently visit and spend my time at.

I present to you, Patio@9.

It is located about 100 meters from my house.
Yes, its a "Mamak" place. Right beside it is a sort of western restaurant called "Star Cafe". Which I also frequent. Patio@9 is a sort of run of the mill mamak restaurant, with food like roti canai, nasi lemak, tosai etc2. Not to mention teh tarik.

But the main reason this place attracts hordes of people is most probably it's shisha. (Hookah)
There are two Shisha stalls here, competing for customers, therefore the quality is always top-tier.
I guarantee one will never be let down by the awesomeness of the shisha here, coming from a guy that used to live in the middle east nonetheless.

So almost every other day, you will most probably find me here, from nine to one o'clock at night, eating, smoking shisha, drinking teh tarik or watching a Man Utd game.
You're most welcome to join anytime.

Thats about it really. I'm out for the day.

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