Friday, April 15, 2011

The Fast and Not So Furious.


The world is so impersonal these days. With sending texts, writing on walls and liking statuses. Is this really how human interaction has evolved? To a mere click and a scroll?

Hey, I'm not "banging" Facebook here, I use it myself.
Just the whole state of communicating among peers has got me thinking. Oh, and one thing that really freaking peeve the hell out me is, someone burying their face in mobile phones while in the company of others. I mean, seriously, why even bother? Please, just GTFO with that crap.


Yeah, sorry about that...



After around 8 months of doing basically nothing, (and by nothing I mean sitting at home playing WoW and quite recently Rift at home and occasionally going out to smoke Shisha and play Futsal.) I have finally started college again.

The course I have chosen is "Diploma in Communication". After my failed attempt at studying Law at Brickfields Asia College I have decided not to pursue that career path anymore. Although, being a lawyer is still in the back of my mind. Maybe sometime in the future I shall consider it again.

Hey, even the famous Gurmit Singh failed his "CPL" exams
6 times before becoming one of the best lawyers in this country.

Place of study? Taylors University. Lakeside Campus.
Yep, Taylors. Where the skirts are short and the people's attention span are... shorter.
Well, college isn't a new thing for me. I have experienced college life before. But college life inTaylors is a whole different ball game.

When I was doing Law at BAC, life was a tad more relaxed. Go
to class, listen to the lecturer talk about "judicial precedent" and "obiter dicta" for 2 hours, wait for the bus, wait for the train, go home. Then spend 3 hours writing essays and reading up on "English Legal System", rinse, repeat.

At Taylors? Way more fast paced. Well maybe because there's more classes, but it sure feels fast. The past 2 weeks has been a huge "blur" for me. Meeting new people, making new friends and getting to know the lecturers that I will be seeing on daily/weekly basis for the next 2 and half years or so.
Studying communication also requires you to be in sync with the current happenings and stuff, which I rarely am. Maybe I should pick up a newspaper now and then or flip the channel over to CNN for a quick update of the latest news.

So anyways, I better wrap it up.

TL;DR: Communicating has become impersonal. Done nothing for 8 months.
BAC = Slow/boring. Taylors = Fast paced/exciting. :D

*Internet Jargon Guide*

GTFO: Get The 'Freak' Out.

TL;DR: Too Long; Didn't Read (for lazy people who don't wanna read through stuff)

Thats it for me. Thanks for reading.

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